Poetry: These are all by Merritt Malloy, my favorite Poet of all time.

Poetry by Merrit Malloy- my Favourite Poet from the 70’s

It is not always the absence of love

That makes me seem alone.
Often it’s been too much love
Given to me by the wrong people
For the wrong reasons
That keeps me here.
Gladly alone.
Rather than have the life sucked
Out of me by the violent needs
Of other minds and bodies.
That does not mean
That I’m not grateful
But I am sad.
Not to be able to put my arms
Around those who truly love me
And give them something more
Than polite indifference.
Oh, how I tried.
I think they should know
I tried.
And I choose to be alone
Rather than wrapped in arms
I could never need.

Title: Wolf Story

There are words I’ve saved,
Words I don’t want to use too much
They might wear out.

I saved some words mostly becuase
There are days
When I can’t stay kissed.

Days when all my confidence
Wears off,
When I’m porous
And just have to have
More of you
To fill me in.

Hold me.
Title: Twice A Beggar

It’s something we all
wish for and
something we’re all
afraid of
…To feel nothing when
it hurts and
To feel everything
when it

All you have to do
to change your life
is to change your mind
…it really is that simple
But it isn’t always
All you have to do
to stop feeling bad
is to start feeling
Feeling good’ is not a
onetime event
It is a decision we make
minute by minute
day by day
…It is a creation
The way to change the world
is to change your attitude
towards it
…not just once
but all the

Title: A Matter Of Fact

It’s amazing how many people
will care about you
if only you would care
about them…And
It’s even more remarkable
how many people
will care about you
Title: No Title

I remember when you used to stare at me
…The way mothers stare at sleeping babies
You saw me through a Magic lens
That airbrushed all my improfections…

God…I was beautiful then
Because you loved me…

Title: Restrictions

He thinks ‘being strong’
is holding back
and hiding our feelings
when ‘being strong’ has always been
letting go and allowing our feelings
to be
Internal bleeding is
always more
…Even joy becomes a burden
when you can’t


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7 Responses to Poetry: These are all by Merritt Malloy, my favorite Poet of all time.

  1. Anonymous says:

    my mom died two days ago at age 94.
    I find his words a comfort

  2. Anna M. Fies says:

    Merritt is also my all time favorite poet. So many of her words are like background music for life experiences I have had. Always beautiful…and incredibly timeless

  3. jennifer says:

    I love M.M. ‘s poetry . I read her books over and over ,year after year , for 30 years now. And year after year some of the meanings change as I grow and become just a fraction of who she is inside. She is an inspiration for hope and for love. She taught me we all hurt..and we all need love. My perspective on people as a whole changed at 13 yrs old when i picked up her book…i will always read that book. Many thanks to Merritt Malloy..

  4. Lori Fredona says:

    I have had her books (all but one) since the 70’s when I stumbled….was gifted to find…her.
    She gave my feelings words….my emotions strength. I still read her today when I am nearly 60.. and find the words a comfort, and peace giving. Her poem titled Success tonight struck me, that at 60 I DO miss the chance of being a “seed bearer” again. To experience that thrill. I wish I could tell her how much she gave to me by her words. I hope somehow she knows.

  5. Trace Taylor says:

    I have to say that I have always loved Malloy’s work. Poignant and sensorial, not superficial like so much other poetic garbage. Her and Rod McKuen are my favorite poets, though Jeanette Winterson’s lyrical writing I class as often times, being poetry, so for me she is the third to my trio of favorites.

  6. Krista says:

    If I could, I would spend my last dime to meet her. 35 years of loving her words. Could recite her entire book from memory… This is true admiration…..
    I am a nickel candy bar,
    Moments once predictable,
    I can remember the sound of him calling my name, waking to his body, against mine.
    What a friendly place you are like a friendly house or hot chocolate.
    If I am alone covered in hands that could never reach me,
    away from him slowly, like a bandaid off a wound, a slow motion, instant replay on a Sunday afternoon.
    He was the richest man I ever knew, but he didn’t have a dime,

    Just love her,,,,,,,please tell her

    Wow I am so happy right now,
    Thank you Merrit. You touched my heart, once upon a time…..

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